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If a solid roof is what maintains the integrity of a building, the solidity of the Bregenzer family is what has maintained the integrity of their venerable building contracting business. Founded in 1919 by William, Nicholas and Charles Bregenzer, for three generations Bregenzer Brothers, Inc. has specialized in old world craftsmanship and high quality building work. Each new generation of Bregenzers has apprenticed and ultimately joined the firm, adding new energy and cohesiveness to the family enterprise. The Bregenzers are proud to announce that many members of the 4th generation have dabbled in the family business as well.

In 1991, Mike Bregenzer took over sole ownership and operation of the family firm from his father Bill Jr. and since then he has concentrated on high-end slate and copper roofing jobs with his brother Bill III. From their facility in Ewing, equipped with a full complement of slate and copper cutting and shaping equipment, including a computerized metal break and cutters custom designed by Mike himself, Bregenzer Brothers can apply their finely-honed craftsmanship and technical expertise to roofs of any size and level of difficulty. Recently, Mike's sister has joined the company and acts as the operations manager for the growing organization.

Today, Bregenzer Brothers can count third-generation family members as among its most technically proficient and experienced principals. The range and artistry of their copper and slate roofing is evident throughout many fine campuses in central New Jersey where for over 20 years Bregenzer Brothers has positioned itself as one of the most highly respected roofing contractors in the region.


Copper and slate are two of the most environmentally friendly roofing materials you can choose, because of their longevity and durability, and the fact that they are benign and chemical free. At Bregenzer Brothers, Inc. we are not just leaders in installing environmentally sound roofs, but in undertaking to do so using a host of sustainable and green practices which benefit the environment and our community. Bregenzer Brothers Inc. has committed to obtaining almost all of the slate and copper for its projects from manufacturers within 500 miles of the project site, reducing the environmental cost of transporting these heavy materials.

Old slate we remove from a roof is recycled and reused appropriately on that or other jobs if it is in good condition. All slate waste from our jobs is also recycled -- brought to a recycling center where it is crushed for use by landscape contractors.

The standard copper used by Bregenzer Brothers, Inc. comes from a supplier which certifies that its product contains 90 to– 95 percent recycled copper. Bregenzer also uses Freedom Gray copper which is standard copper coated with a tin/zinc alloy, and which contains upwards of 84 percent recycled material. Any and all old copper removed from a job is recycled, including all scraps from jobs.

At Bregenzer Brothers we feel that beauty, longevity and sustainability go hand in hand for your roofing needs.

Picture of the Founding Bregenzer Brothers
Bregenzer Brothers, Inc. patriarch Bill Bregenzer, Jr., center, with his sons, Bill III, left, and Mike, right, in front of Princeton University's Whitman College.

Picture of the Founding Bregenzer Brothers
Bregenzer Brothers crew at the workshop.