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New Construction. Slate Roofs:

Working with architects, project managers and businesses, Bregenzer Brothers will cut and install new construction slate roofs to the exact specifications of clients. Using an extensive network of quarries sourcing slate of a variety of different hues and characteristics, Bregenzer Brothers will then precisely cut the slate on proprietary cutters custom-designed by company owner Mike Bregenzer, and create roofs of any style and pattern in keeping with the client's wishes. As beautiful as it is long-lasting, a Bregenzer Brothers slate roof adds dignity and value to any building structure.

Slate roof restorations:

With a knowledge of slate roof engineering going back generations, the Bregenzer Brothers have the expertise to analyze older slate roofs and restore them to "as new" condition, using carefully matched materials and original techniques.

Custom Copper Work:

With copper working expertise handed down from father to son for three generations, the Bregenzer Brothers firm's custom projects are nothing less than works of art. Whether a complementary detail to a larger project, structural underpinning, or comprehensive custom-cut, sculpturally molded and seamlessly joined roof or other large scale sheathing, the Bregenzers can execute a multitude of projects to clients' exact specifications.

Copper Roofing:

Beauty, functionality and longevity are the hallmarks of the custom copper roofs created by the Bregenzer Brothers firm. Whether hand-formed or utilizing modern computer-guided shaping tools the firm is able to complete any job, from the smallest and most detailed to the largest and most technically demanding, on time and under budget.

Copper Gutters:

Whether on their own or as part of a larger project, the Bregenzer Brothers firm can custom fabricate copper gutters which need almost no maintenance and grow ever more beautiful as the years pass. Combining modern techniques and a hands-on attention to detail, the firm's gutters are truly made-to-order artistic and functional accents which will highlight the elegance and stateliness of any home or building.

Zinc/Tin coated Copper Roofing:

Zinc/tin coated copper roofs installed by the Bregenzer Brothers firm is a non-corrosive, environmentally friendly product with a 100% clear water runoff. Zinc is a natural material that never fades and retains its look over its entire life span. Zinc sheets used in architecture for roofs and walls have an extremely long service life with an expected service life of 60 – 100 years depending on the geographic location.

Copper Leader Heads:

An integral part of any roofing/drainage project, leader heads must be solid, functional and care-free. Copper leader heads built by the Bregenzer Brothers firm are all this, and works of art too. From simple initials, a commemorative relief or coat of arms, to just about any image sculpted in relief, a hand-made Bregenzer Brothers copper leader head is unmistakable.

Chimney restoration:

When beauty and historic integrity in your chimneys are as important to you as are their functional attributes, then a restoration by Bregenzer Brothers, Inc. is the best choice. Using the best materials and old-world copper and masonry techniques, the Bregenzers will rebuild a chimney to its original stately condition, providing warmth for the eye and body.

Thru Wall Flashing:

Thru wall flashing is an important component in exterior building systems, and is critical to helping protect wall assemblies and foundations from water and moisture build-up. Bregenzer Brothers works together with other trades (such as masonry) on projects to fabricate and install thru wall flashing for intelligent water management.

Maintenance & Repair:

Slate and copper roofs ideally can last for many generations, but must be regularly inspected and maintained to retain their full seal, strength and beauty. And, of course, wind storms, falling trees and other accidents do happen. Bregenzer Brothers' experienced team can identify problems in the making early, and effect full repairs which seamlessly maintain the structural and visual integrity of any slate or copper roof. Bregenzer Brothers now offers annual and semi-annual maintenance programs to help facility managers maintain the integrity of their roofs by performing as needed maintenance and inspections at regularly scheduled intervals through the year.


Owner/Operator Mike Bregenzer has over 20 years experience at installing new and renovating slate roofs. He has a practical knowledge that comes only from the extent of his hands on experience for all of these years. Mike has assisted many building owners and their architects is designing custom systems to maximize their roof's effectiveness and integrity. Bregenzer Brothers, Inc. is proud to offer consulting services to home and building owners.

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